Frequently Asked Questions

Cyber security is the means in which individuals, businesses and government agencies aim to reduce the risk of being affected by cyber threats. 

Cyber security’s fundamental role is to protect devices (computers, tablets, smartphones) we all use and the services online we access through these devices from cyber threats. Cyber security is just as important as is physical security in helping to protect and secure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.

The NCSC defines a cyber-incident as a breach of a system's security policy in order to affect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information and systems. 

Confidentiality, integrity and availability should be guaranteed in any system that is considered secure by utilising the following guidelines: 

  1. That information is not made available to any unauthorised users
  2. That information has not been modified or altered by any unauthorised users
  3. That information and systems are available at all times to authorised users

A national cyber incident is a cyber-incident that:

  1. Significantly impacts, or has the potential to significantly impact, multiple entities;
  2. Requires a coordinated inter-agency response; or
  3. Poses a risk to national security or critical national infrastructure and/or system of national interest.

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